Ricochet Torso -> Head + Weird armor classes and damage

Hello, first i'd like to give my opinion to having ricochet chanceI dont really like the whole idea of randomly doing double damage or not, but its whatever i guess.Being able to instantly kill anyone by shooting them in the chest is abit stupid though, after hitting the torsothe bullet can ricochet and go into the head – instant death. this complete RNG is defenetly no fun and i think ricochet-chance could be removed overall and you should just have certain bullets that always ricochet (everything thats not AP?)so wearing body armor does atleast something.

Armor classesI dont understand why there can even be bullets that go through everything – the few level 6 armors should be able to atleast tank a bullet or 2 before you go through completely.spending 200k on a helmet or armor and having constant visual + audio impairment and then just getting oneshot isnt really fun. and no hiding behind armor is not a 'bad players' thing because you cant check every bush and every position at the same time and you will get shot at some point, and in that case i think armor should do something.Thanks for reading.
EDIT: Im talking about FRAGMENTATION not RICOCHET* sorry this makes everything confusing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dug7sr/ricochet_torso_head_weird_armor_classes_and_damage/

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