Save The World full separation from BR.

It has got to be very close now I feel. I did think given the notification on the way 16.20 patch would happen that the separation would have been after that patch. Given the messages appearing in STW after that patch 'BR servers are now up' it must have been another large step towards it.

With the Fortnite Crew announcement yesterday, it would now not surprise me in the least if STW is separated after today's 16.30 patch. If it is not, I am sure it will be by the start of the next BR battlepass.

I don't know what it all means for STW, I really hope the outcome in the view of the STW player base is a positive one. IE, more players, bugs in STW being addressed along with future BR changes not affecting STW in any way. Also importantly, STW performance being optimized, The game runs so much worse these days due to what I would say is non used BR code working in the background that should be removed.

My concerns are still with how EPIC does things, it all seems very last moment. If it is not then it really highlights how EPIC tries to leech money from its player base. There was really no need to put what was already a delayed starter pack (Ray) out at all if at that time you had already decided to put STW within Fortnite Crew at a slightly later date. I think I can safely say EPIC would have made the STW player base far more happy by simply not releasing that starter-pack and releasing Ray as a larger quest line later this year.

I think this highlights what I see as the main issue with EPIC today. Back in the day when I was programming games, it was equally about bringing enjoyment for the players as it was for the company to make money. With EPIC it is all about making money over bringing a smile of enjoyment to the players. Im not putting everyone who works for EPIC into that box because I am sure there are people within EPIC that feel the same way as I do. The people making decisions however are out of touch with what it means to be a gaming house/studio.

I just hope something changes when STW separates from BR allowing the game we all love to flourish and turn into what it deserves to be.


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