Scav runs are better than PMC runs, here is why!

To be honest I never was a big fan of scav runs, but right now scav runs are just way better than playing as PMC.

Here are some points I want to mention why this is the case (in my opinion):

Player Scav early spawns:
I don't know why they changed it but I saw player scavs running around in absolutly fresh rounds, not even 2-3 min ingame and read some other posts about it. With these early spawns, you can easily farm keyspawns or wait at hotspots for players to run into you. If you have a latespawn as a scav, you can just pick up the stuff players left at hotspots or collect quest items.

no risk:
This is obvious and I guess the main reason for many players to do scav runs. You have to spend 0 roubles but can come out big.

weapon presets not working at all:
The most thing I was hyped for 0.12, are weapon presets. Here is why:
After you die you have to buy every single mod/magazine/ammo/backpack…again + mod your weapon. This is so frustrating, especially if you spend 15min to build your loadout and get 1 tapped ingame while you don't fire a single bullet with your fancy modded weapon. I was hoping you could build an entire loadout with a few clicks ingame (e.g. scav vest with some hunter magazines + some meds + 2 nades) and rebuild it whenever you want. (The items you don't have in your stash will be purchased by the traders). But as many people already mentioned, presets don't work at all right now.
In comparison – When you do a scav run you get a full loadout (maybe no armor or meds but at least a rig with some loaded magazines for your gun with 1 click).

out of raid healing:
Your scav has a timer after you did a scav run, but his health is completly restored when he is ready again. While if you die as a pmc, you eighter have to spend money on meds or wait until you heal back to full health.

friendly scavs:
If you do a scav run, other scavs won't attack you or hunt you down. While as a PMC it can even happen that you enter horde mode.

If you die as a scav, most times the player who killed you get nearly nothing for killing you (maybe a gun or some items you picked up)
But if you kill a player as a scav you can even secure his dogtag to sell it or use it for some trade up. (I know this is only a small bonus)

pmc spawns:
On maps like shoreline or customs, player spawns are very close together so you always have to be carefull at the start of the round. Most times you end up in an early shooting and if you win, maybe you already have a blacked arm or leg.
+ Latespawns as a pmc are still annoying….

Some negative aspects are:

– you can't do quests as a scav + you dont level physical skills, that are requiered to upgrade your hideout

– your scav has a cooldown (which can be lowered by upgrading your hideout)

– you can't play labs as a scav

What do you think this situation at the moment?

(I'm sorry for my bad englisch)


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