[Serious] looking for pvp/pve anaconda build

My current build is this one

I went to jameson memorial, bought everything for it, spent the entire day trying to figure out hiw engineers work, got a level 3 fsd long range and a level 3 reinforced shield, but… it doen't work

1-(my opinion) engineering sucks, the grind is just too much. I spent THE ENTIRE DAY and only unlocked 2 modules, and the engineer was already unlocked, i can't imagine how much time it will take just to get modules that i don't have the engineer for!

2- the build itself isn't the best at combat, in fact, i had the DTEA build before this one, and it could destroy an npc 5 whole minutes faster than this one!

3-as i mentioned, i had the DTEA haz/res no engineering build, and it was great! But i need a pvp defence, the first time i got into shinrarta with the DTEA build i was ganked almost immediatly and had to run away, without even breaking my opponent's shield. ( yes he could have been an exception of what i could kill, but still)

So, with that said, can you guys help me? I can buy anything you guys throw at me, even guardian modules, but please, no engineering.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/onlipr/serious_looking_for_pvppve_anaconda_build/

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