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I'm genuinely curious, how much would it cost to buy the rights to DotA2 from Valve? The game needs a serious reformatting and the lack of attention it has been getting from Valve, what if the community put a bunch of money together and threw an offer at Valve? The community is large enough to where I'm sure there's some eager up-and-coming developers and community managers out there that would be willing to join in on the endeavor, completely redefine the game (but keep the core of it in tact of course), generate a large attraction of new players, clean up everything, and freshen it up (like the spring cleaning thing they had a few years ago, but never followed up with it annually, so naturally bugs and minor errors happened again and again). Bi-weekly updates, or monthly, whichever would be more preferred. The list can go on and on. I think it's a discussion that needs to be addressed and could surface interesting viewpoints.


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