Seriously though, git gud.

Something occurred to me today. I think eft is one of the only games where git gud is actually great, legitimate advice.

Most games have so many other factors that contribute to your success that it really isn't a matter of get good, but rather, get the best gear, p2w, get a max level character, get this one particular item that drops by the rng gods.

Don't get me wrong, tarkov has its fair share of that stuff too, but I think the largest factor to your success in tarkov is literally you, git gud.

For example, I haven't played in months, I came back to the game today and was running a scav. I ended up fighting another player scav in customs. The guy got the drop on me and I should've been dead to rights, but even after months of not playing the habits and instincts I have developed lead to me out manuvering him and shooting him in the head from a position he obviously didn't expect me to be in.

In most games, my first day back would've been a disaster, I would've been missing the latest and greatest gear, no longer at the max level, etc. But with tarkov the skills and habits you develop will give you the upper hand even if the guy you're facing has the drop on you, better gear, or more team mates.

I'm not naive, I know tarkov also has its share of rng crap, but I really feel like game knowledge and skills, "git gud", actually matters a lot more in tarkov than other games. So, if you're struggling, try watching experienced players fight. Don't just watch them shoot, watch how they move, figure out how they knew a guy was going to be somewhere, watch how they know the map.

So dudes, git gud and have fun!


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