Sire sirol and Eris Loris

I haven’t seen any posts on this topic yet it’s in the common ban topics the mod use because it’s apparently posted too much. So no doubt it’ll be taken down but I have a serious issue and some explaining

I’ve seen a lot of people refer to it as a person joining and advertising, and the reason why banning it doesn’t work is because it has a hack to avoid it.

This is not true at all. It’s a bot system, not a real person joining the game, if you ban them if doesn’t matter, a new bot can still join as you can always use the same username.

The link they use takes you through multiple ad sites and ends up on linkvertise meaning there’s almost no way to actually get through the links, so it’s just a money scheme.

The only fix I can see for this is one that we’ve already been promised before the bots started raiding, and that’s the account system. Hopefully it arrives soon because that helps permanently ban bots from the game and not just one server

As for the time being does anyone have any suggestions besides playing private and banning the bot (the bot leaves after the message anyway so banning it is near pointless)


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