SK Druid/Alchemy need support!

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SK Druids are the alternative SK archetype that have been neglected for too long, and unlike pirates which are similar to Warriors, playing Druids feels like a completely different faction.

Its a shame because Druids are some of the most fun archetype yet they always land outside of the meta or at tier 3, and thats because:

(1) They lack high provision cost Druid cards

(2) Druids and Alchemy cards are powercrept

Often times you need to add alot of different cards to your Druid deck to complete it such as Portal, Dracoturtle, Cerys, Svalblod Totem, or Arnaghad, as the only good high provision druid cards are Crowmother (at 10 provisions) , and Ermion (at 8 provisions).

What Druids need are solid leaders that have great synergy with alchemy cards, beasts, or other druids and is playable with Gedyneith.


As for number (2), a few power buffs can go a long way, maybe buffing preachers to 5 power, mardroeme damage reduced to 2, or Crow's eye to boost by 4.


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