Sniper feedback

Just a repost of a ticket i send, since it was suggested that i should post hereIts just a feedback, not a bug report, but i took some time this week to check the prices of the dmrs and snipers just to check how useful a sniper still is and.. well, the printscreens are just for proof, the text document had a list of snipers and dmrs as a comparasion of the price. I cant sugest much since I for one, im no developer, but seeing the prices atm and how the bullets perform, its hard to find a reasson to use a sniper over the dmr since both 7.62×51 and 7.69x54R have cheaper dmrs than the snipers, the only exeption being the m700, being the cheaper of the bunch. Also, in the text document the price listed as "FLEA" is an avarange price of the 10 cheapest i found in the flea market when i started researching. Thank you for creating an awesome game!

Just showing off that atm sniper have no place in the game, most of they arent even cheaper than the same caliber variant DMR. They are not cheaper or more usefull. Everything that you can do with a sniper, you can do with a dmr but without the punishment of missing the first shot.Just throwing it there for discussionSniper prices screenshot can be found in the link( ) and also, sorry for english misspelings





700 FLEA ~ 31K

700 TRADER ~ 45K

T-5000 Flea ~ 48k

T-5000 Trader ~ 94k

M1a Flea ~54k

M1a Trader ~75k

Sr-25 Flea ~57k

Sr-25 Trader ~120k

SA-58 Flea ~50k

SA-58 Trader ~101k



Sv-98 Flea ~ 32k

Sv-98 Trader ~ 40k

SVD Flea ~53k

Mosin FLEA ~ 55k

Mosin Trader ~ 54k

SVD Flea ~53k

SVD Trader ~92k


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