So trolls have reached late Twine

I join a 160 4x Evacuate mission. Nothing in the text chat, nothing in the voice chat. 4 players: me and someone else actually building, one person off lollygagging or doing quest steps, one person to be kicked soon for idle. No build drama, trap tunnels up, BASE placed.

Mission starts, three people defending, one about to be kicked for idle. I die early and respawn at start, to see the AFK guy standing in a box. Whatever, trader, nothing new, and I head back to defend. Get a good position, stay alive for a long time.

“Enemy attacking the shelter!”, I check the map, only two people defending now. Patch the walls, continue defending. Ally dies near me, but I’m stuck in Lefty&Righty, they respawn without me.

A minute later “Shelter is under attack!”, I check the map, I’m the only defender. The BASE is gone, too. I scramble to stop the husks, but it’s a 160 and I’m not running a tanky build, I eventually die. I respawn at start and realize the guy who looked like a trader set up floor bouncers to launch people off the map at spawn. The other two players left after being caught in a death loop.

No grief, no bm, no chat whatsoever; just someone being a dick. Obviously, reported and blocked, but is this crap common at high-level?


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