Some answers from Russian stream with the Man

On a stream with members of Russian website DTF Nikita answered some questions. Thought people here might be interested. Don't know if some information already known and sorry in advance for bad English)

(Source will be at the end)

• Loot wasn't nerfed, it's the same amount in another logical places on the map.


• It's developers goal to release it this year.
• It's about half the size of Shoreline.
• It will have many rough terrains.
• There will be new type of enemies and 4 bosses! Nikita didn't specify, if all of them are new ones.
• The new trader will be added after release of the map.
• He's mostly a story character, but he will be selling something. Nikita didn't want to say what it will be.

• Coming next year, which isn't surprising.
• As big as all maps combined.
*The following information isn't solid, develooers are still thinking how they should do it and even if they are can do it:
• The raid will be really long, few hours.
• Players will spawn throughout the raid, not only at start. Like Scavs I think.
• Nikita wanted time in Tarkov to be 1:1 to IRL, but of course that was super inconvenient. But he still wants to do at least 2 in game hours for 1 IRL on the Streets.
• If all goes as planned, Street will be a huge step towards open world.

Some various info:

• Right now developers are satisfied with bleeding mechanics, but they might theoretically change it.
• Someday will be added moans when using surgical kit without painkillers.
• Someday there will be bounty hunting for players with bad karma. And more restrictions to them.
• Developers are buffing sniper rifles from time to time, maybe will buff again.
• New anti-cheat updates will track strange behavior like dropping 20 lab carts and shooting through walls or something and will send it to BattleEye.
• Developers are against invasive anti-cheats like Valorant's one, because they're dropping FPS and scanning your PC.
• There will be different game profiles on your
account for normal game without wipes, season game with wipes and for arena.
• After you Escape from Tarkov you will… Get achievement and can continue play as usual.

Approximate (data is different) distribution of players around the world :

37% USA
30% Europe
14% (or 17%) Russia
14% Asia
4% Oceania
1% ASEAN (If I understood correctly)

(If you want the source, here it is, but of course it's in Russian :D)


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