Somebody Somehow unlinked my twitch from among us.

I was playing in a lobby on a pretty big among us lfg server, some guy joins the call and lobby. This guy has a weird mask of some random person, it’s not an in game cosmetic. I realize he has a twitch pet and so I go to put mine on. I check and that shit isn’t there. later in the game we realize that this guy is cheating, I get it on recording and report it to the discord server. I was freaking out not knowing what do do about the pet thing, until I tried linking my twitch again. That worked.

My theory is, is that there is some sort of hack that disconnects your twitch account to your among us and transfers your twitch to the guys using the cheat. the reason I think this is bc I was able to access my twitch pet before that guy joined the lobby, and after he joined it was gone.

Like I said I got the pet back, but I want to know what actually happened and if it has ever happened to anybody else


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