Someone needs to do tarkov better

So I'll keep this nice and simple since I really don't have much to say, or more accurately I'd be typing for hours if I even tried to say everything I want to say.

Battlestate has cornered the market on this kind of gameplay, its not any stretch of the mind to say that there is nothing quite like Tarkov, and yet I desperately wish there was. I firmly believe if any semi competent studio went through the effort to make a hardcore, realistic, raid based fps with heavy gun customization then Tarkov would be dead within weeks.

This game has been out for almost four years now, and yet it's still a buggy, poorly optimized, unfinished mess that the developers are more than happy to slap a full price tag on and throw it out the door. They've been hiding behind the curtain of "oh it's just a beta it isn't finished yet" for too long in my own opinion, the second you start selling hundred dollar ultimate editions of your game I firmly believe you should have something to back that up.

I wish a big studio would put out something like Tarkov, because if I could pay 80 dollars for the same gameplay experience but actually running at a stable framerate, with proper servers, and a proper anti cheat I would never come back to this game.


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