Something I have to say before the next set of comics…

I have two things I wish to improve on for the next comic.

1 – Actual backgrounds/not just a gradient (Although Epic is a big fan of that recently…just saying). This will take longer, but should be better.

2 – I really need to make model sheets for the characters I draw. Case and point: I made one for Ray after the second image I posted. She looks great! The Llama drawings were drawn on the spot and done in a very short period of time. Model sheets will take extra time too but helps in the long run.

I'll be working on Dennis's model sheet soon and I have plans for more characters for the comic. Any suggestions for the character to discus the topic after Ventures?

The next comic topic after Ventures will be Fortnitemares/Dungeons. Personally, I think Willow would be a fun choice, but I want to hear your thoughts!


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