Suggestions for how to get my account back?

Hello all, recently my Epic Games account was hacked. I've already submitted a ticket to resolve the issue but am seeing no progress so far so I wanted to make a post here to see if any of you guys had ideas for what my next steps should be.

I believe my account was hacked through my email — all I know about it is that I got an email that my Epic Games account email had been changed! I tried to recover my account but it goes by email, so at this point I am unable to even know the current username of my account. This is about two weeks ago when I first filed my ticket.

Then last night I discovered that I was still logged into my account, on my switch! I have the username of the individual, and was able to track down his Steam account (which has a link to his social media, as well). I believe that this is indeed the person who hacked my account because his Steam location matches up with another email I recieved from Steam which notified me of someone logging into my account. So this is likely the person that has current control of my Epic Games account.

Any suggestions from here? I really need him to get off of my account, I dont even play Fortnite very often, just when my mentee wants to play a video game with me. So I'd like it back.



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