System with at least 140 Nonhuman Signals!

Hello everybody!

This is my first time seeing Nonhuman signals (if you don't count that one on Lave 2 (mysterious!)), so please tell me if I am Overreacting in believing that the Thargs are invading.

The system I am in is called "Pleiades Sector Ml-S B4-0" . I am on route with a passenger transport to "Pleiadas Sector AB-W B2-4" (he wants to see "Alien Crash site?" (Ironic!)) needles to say I am unarmed and only sport D-rated modules in my Dolphin. As I never let an Opportunity slide to make some credits I opened my scanner. After around 7 mins of scanning I found 134 Nonhuman signals, I was extremely terrified and baffled at the shier Number of them and the Danger that I probably was in.

Having never seen a Thargoid in game and wanting to look the Horror in the Eye, I collected all my strength and curiosity. I flew to a threat level 3 signal source (Thank Spaghetti Monster I didn't decide to fly to the Threat level 9 one). Two of them greeted me by disrupting my shields, I noppend out of there Immediately.

Is it normal for so many Thargs being in one System? Any input would be appreciated!


PS: I guess that Alien Friend Decal is being removed when I am back in port!

My screenshot as proof of my findings:


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