Tarkov Ammo issue

Okay someone please tell me i'm not the only one but the ammo in this game is out of hand. Now more than ever it seems to not matter what ammo you've got (not to mention everyone having access to top tier ammo). Back to back to back games i have died to 3 bullets of pst with grade 5 armor to a hatchling (a guy wearing nothing and brings in a pistol). My hit counts are always above 5-10 bullets using 7.62 BP ammo. In any world, no matter where I hit him, he should be dead with that many rounds with no armor. Its getting too frustrating to even play.

Another example: I put 3 shots to the head with a guy that has an altn and kill him with 7.62 bp. I turn and shoot his buddy as im leaning behind a tree. I still have grade 5 armor at this point. I die to ap 20 shotgun slug. The issue with this is every limb gets damage from one slug as i was behind a tree. I shot at him first and put 5 bullets to the chest before he even shot. In what world does a slug hit every limb as im leaning behind a tree… the only way i die is headshot with the armor i was wearing.

At what point is this game even playable? Nikita keeps saying he wants to keep it as realistic as possible but putting high armor piercing rounds into someone and making them look like swiss cheese just for them to turn around with a pistol with the worst ammo in the game and get 3 tapped…. That in my opinion isn't realistic. I'm pretty much done with them game. Anyone else experience this?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ioh95k/tarkov_ammo_issue/

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