Tarkov Burnout

Hey guys. I find myself getting increasingly addicted to the game. I played a slight bit 3 years ago, and picked it up again ~1 month before wipe.

I'm at a point where eco is doing okay-ish at 1.5-2 mil roubles and hideout about 60% done, with quests about 40% done. I find that deaths keep getting to me. I had a few frustatrating ones because of bad mistakes I made, and the classic ''There's always 1 more guy'' rule.

My main problem is that the progression does not feel rewarding, yet the highs do get my heart pumping. I play for maybe 8 hours a day and find that my mood is dependent on how I'm doing.

I'm considering de-installing the game because it is affecting too much of my life and mood. The problem is that I also really like it at times, yet the feeling that there is no real end goal really makes me go: ''What's it all even for?''

Anyone else that sometimes feels absolutely drained by this game, yet can't seem to stop playing?

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