Tell us you’re Biggest Rage Moment Ever in tarkov!

For me it was this :
I was fully kitted (Fort armor, altyn, M4 meta etc.)
I had just taken down 4 men out of a 5 men team in customs new gas station area (in front of it). My teammate was dead during the fight so it was all on me. The patch for the mag drill had just got in so I was getting used to it (its been a while yeah) so I usually would bring 3-4 mags extra.
However with all the shooting that had happened, all of my mags were empty. So I decided to pick up the gun of one of the dead guys and fight off the last one.
Talking about that last one, he only had an sks and shit gear but yeah 7.62 hurts, especially when the fort is at 20% durability left.
Anyways, I switch weapons and jump over the broken fence (next to the blue container and the barrels) and the gun animation (when you collide with something) happens.
Funny thing is, it doesn't stop. So everytime I try to shoot, it shoots in the air (because the game still thinks I'm against some collision, even if I'm in the open).
So all in all, I couldn't shoot because the gun kept shooting in the air like a muslim terrorist shooting his AK, both legs were broken, arm blacked out and I was bleeding from multiple spots.
The SKS peasant pushes me and I'm helpless as I cant shoot at all.
Guess what, I died.
Well in that moment lads, for the first time in my life, I threw my headset against the wall and proceeded into the biggest rage ever because I knew that this guy was an easy kill and that I could have dealt with him easily. BUT, when tarkov wants you dead… you die.

3 years later I still remember this moment at I usually describe it as being fucked by tarkov.
when Tarkov wants you dead, you die.

So yeah!
Tell us your moment! Losing 1 mil in gear to some peasant with an sks due to a stupid bug infuriated me to no limits.


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