Thargoids – hundreds and hundreds of them out in Coalsack

I'm out exploring, mainly looking for biological sites and notable stellar phenom but practically every system I'm mapping in and around the bottom half of Coalsack has between dozens to well over 100 nonhuman signal sources, ranging from threat levels 3 to 9. So far I found 1 fleet carrier "Judgement Day" out here in the middle of over 100 thargoid signals. Thanks for being there, I needed some repairs after accidentally boosting into a planet's surface trying to land on the last moon that had life on it.

I can't seem to find any discernable reason for their significant #s here… I'm not finding much besides bark mounds for life, nothing spectacular about geological findings… I did find 1 ELW so far (sux we can't land on them). I've only mapped the first 20 systems rotating upwards and around from the bottom of the nebula so far.

I also haven't been interdicted or hyperdicted yet either though… the only Guardian anything on my ship is the FSD booster, so maybe that's why they're ignoring my presence. No AX kit at all, so if I do pull aggro I'm pretty much up the creek. Onward!

Godspeed CMDRs o7


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