The absolute mess of engineering

Been playing for a little while now, getting close to 50 hours (A wee babe compared to most of you 😆). I have been running passenger missions in Robigo for a while with my AspX saving for a python and doing some exploration when I need a change of scenery. I went to go get engineering materials recently so I could finally get some decent jump ranges and wow, what a mess. I don't mind a bit of grinding but a system where the best route to get stuff is a pain in the arse set of steps following by a re-log to start all over is just stupid. In all my time playing I have never gotten frustrated but dealing with the buggy grindy mess that is engineering is the first thing that has made me have to close the game down. Such a shame for a game that I love so much. Has this system ever been changed or updated? in its current state it really feels like a rushed add that didn't have much thought put into it.


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