The Current State of The Game

I am tired of prematurely being disconnected from a match in the middle of playing. This has become a hourly occurrence and I can’t even enjoy a nice lobby for more than 30 minutes without being disconnected from the server.

The current state of this game is consistently buggy and this only adds to the hundreds of problems I already encounter while playing. Do the devs not care? Do they think they have a masterpiece in their hands?

This games popularity is largely contributed to the memes it has generated, but just because it’s popular doesn’t mean the game is good.

Not to mention the lack of add-ons such as a friending system, reporting system, colorblind filters, and other simple things that other games have since day one.

Let me know how you feel about the current state of the game, if you know any fixes for the server issues, and what else y’all think should be in the game. I’m open for discussion, not arguing.


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