The darkness in the game is over used

Take for example Interchange even with the power on spots become pitch black, Customs dorms etc etc we all know these spots that we can use and sit in knowing the outside world has no chance to see in to and spot the player , This is bad for the game and it gets over used and over looked it seems when you make the maps , Use a flashlight you say well the light blinds you more then it blinds the other person which was not always the case remembering back to .5 ish the flashlights were dope

Not all spot are bad though when you use the black unknown for example resort, Its dark but you can still see enough to have a good gun fight on it now if you get good pvp is a whole different matter but still that kind of scheme should be applied to new and old spot, We should never be able to sit in a room knowing people cant see us because its to dark that's bad for the game even though irl we should do that etc but irl we can jump off building and do drugs that make us jump 30 feet in the air an in the end of the day its a game


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