The grind sometimes…

My log for today:

– I started my day wanting to build a new house for storage.

– Figure I should finish my portal build first.

– Realized I needed a lot of copper for wall-mounted torches.

– Realized I'm almost out of copper bars.

– Spent the entire day in the black forest mining copper, tin and gathered a few black metal scrapes while defending myself.

– After putting up the torches, I realized I need to move a few portals and created a few new ones.

– Realize I'm out of fine wood, I need to go to the plains and farm some.

– Realize I'm out of good food sources, need to do some cooking.

– Realize I'm out of Barley Flour, need to go to my plains farm and get some.

– Finally got back and start cooking those tasty pies.

– Heading to plains to cut fine wood.

– Back and finally able to finish my portal build.

It's now 1 AM and can't figure out if I should start on my new storage house or just go to bed…

Is it just me, or does it feel like there is too much grind involved sometimes to just be able to do the thing that you want to do at the moment?


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