The Huge Class Revisited (Odyssey Edition).

Years ago I made my thesis case for the Huge class of ships from Elite's previous and current lore, and how they could appear in Elite Dangerous: lot has changed since then. The Q4 update is long behind us, fleet carriers (a huge vessel in their own right) have come, and now Odyssey has fallen upon us (In all the ways that can be interpreted). With the most recent revelation that Ship Interiors (aka Space Legs) are still not in the road map, i'd like to revisit (again) this long requested (and promised) feature to Elite. The ability to own and operate a "Huge Class" of ships. With unique gameplay attached to them exclusively.

Below are the new updated stats for Odyssey, along side each unique gameplay for these ships:

All Huge Class will have the same features: Need to be docked to special docking buoys when visiting certain Orbital Stations (OS).
Special Huge Pads are built and maintained at most surface stations (2 per base).
Fleet Carrier's "Contact Points" can be used to dock with. Due to the fundamental unstable dimensions of Hyperspace, all Huge Class are unable to traverse Hyperspace while connected to a carrier, and will be forcefully disconnected, and pushed away from the carrier, before each Hyperspace jump.
All Huge Class can only be flown, and operated with a full deck (ie 3 crew members. 1 CMDR. 2 Crew). Crew will be able to use certain optional modules in a ship (ie AFMUs, Fighter and SRV hangers, Turrets, SVs, Detailed Surface Scanners, etc).
All Huge Class will be able to fit ONE Small Vessel hanger module (SV), which are able to store and operate ONE Small Class ship.
Only Huge Class ships can fit Class 9 – 12 Cargo racks (C9 – 512t, C10 – 1024t, C11 – 2048t, C12 – 4096t).
When docked to a (OS) Buoy all trades will have a timer for loading and unloading from station, calculated based on the total tonnage of units for the transaction.

NOTE: Core and optional internals are shown at Max Class, unless otherwise stated.

Multipurpose/CombatBOA MK3. Manufacturer: Faulcon DeLacy. Cost: 587,877,800 CR. Insurance: 18,373403.

Top Speed: 283 m/s. Boost Speed: 344 m/s.

Maneuverability: 1Shields: 390 MJ. Armor: 2000.Hull Mass: 800 t.

Max Cargo Capacity: 1,188 t.

Fuel Capacity: 140 t.

Unladen Jump Range: 12.41 ly.

Landing Pad Size: (Planets) Huge, (FC) Contact Points, (OS) Docking Buoy.

Hardpoints: 8x Utility, 4x Medium, 2x Large, 3x Huge.

Core Internals: Class 8 PP, Class 8 Thrusters, Class 8 FSD, Class 5 LS, Class 9 PD, Class 8 Sensors, Class 6 Fuel Tank.

Optional Internals: 4x Size 8 (1 is Military Compartment), 1x Size 7, 2x Size 6 (Military Compartments), 3x Size 3, 1x Size 2. 2x Size 1.

[Additional Info]: The BOA is the older brother to the Anaconda. Though the mark three has been made to be more focused on combat. Ideally when dealing with the newly discovered Titan class thargoid vessels. Due to being hard installed, all BOA Class 8 FSDs Cannot be removed for a lower class.

TradePanther Clipper (OG). Manufacturer: Zorgon Peterson. Cost: 367,468,041. Insurance: 6,124,467.Type: Freighter.

Top Speed: 128 m/s. Boost Speed: 198 m/s.

Maneuverability: 0.Shields: 900 m/j. Armor: 914.Hull Mass: 1200 t.

Max Cargo Capacity: 10000 tons.

Fuel Capacity: 180t?Unladen Jump Range: 4.22ly (Class 5 standard). 8.28 (Class 7).Landing Pad Size: (Planets) Huge, (FC) Contact Points, (OS) Docking Buoy.

Hardpoints: 8x Utility. 4x Small. 3x Medium. 2x Large.

Core Internals: Class 7 PP, Class 8 Thrusters, Class 7 FSD, Class 7 LS, Class 7 PD, Class 5 Sensors, Class 7 Fuel Tank.

Optional Internals: 1x Size 12, 1x Size 11, 2x Size 10s, 5x Size 8s, 2x Size 7, 6x Size 5s, 5x Size 4s, 2x Size 1s.

[Additional Info] The Dream Machine of traders every where! This is a potential CG killer….. for the wealthy Elite.

Combat/ExplorerImperial Explorer. Faction: Empire. Rank: King. Manufacturer: Gutamaya. Cost: 626,908,353. Insurance: 31,345,417.65.Type: Explorer.

Top Speed: 253 m/s. Boost Speed: 364 m/s.

Maneuverability: 0.Shields: 804 MJ. Armor: 820.Hull Mass: 1996t.Max Cargo Capacity 636t.Fuel Capacity: 128t.Unladen Jump Range: 12.17ly (Class 8 Standard).Landing Pad Size: (Planets) Huge, (FC) Contact Points, (OS) Docking Buoy.

Hardpoints: 4x Medium, 1x Large, 2x Huge.

Core Internals: Class 10 PP, Class 12 Thrusters, Class 9 FSD (17ly), Class 5 LS, Class 8 PD, Class 5 Sensors, Class 7 Fuel tank.

Optional Internals: 1x Size 9, 1x Class 8, 1x Class 6s, 3x Class 5s (Military Compartments), 2x Class 4s, 2x Class 3s, 3x Class 1s.

[Additional Info] Being the fastest of the Huge Class, The Imperial Explorer is also one of the least maneuverable (those monster thrusters weigh so much). All Imperials come hard installed with a direct quantum entanglement line to Vista Genomics, thus negating the need to fly back to stations to turn genomic data in on foot.

PassengerNarwhal Liner. Faction: Federation. Rank: Admiral. Manufacturer: Saud Kruger (Core Dynamics commissioned). Cost: 135,252,448. Insurance: 6,762,622.Type: Passenger Liner.

Top Speed: 200 m/s. Boost Speed: 326 m/s.

Maneuverability: 1.Shields: 110 MJ. Armor: 504.Hull Mass: 950 t.

Max Cargo Capacity: 2302t.Fuel Capacity: 167t.Unladen Jump Range: 12.70.Landing Pad Size: (Planets) Huge, (FC) Contact Points, (OS) Docking Buoy.

Hardpoints: 5x Medium. 2x Large.

Core Internals: Class 7 PP, Class 7 Thrusters, Class 8 FSD, Class 8 LS, Class 6 PD, Class 5 Sensors, Class 8 Fuel Tank. Optional Internals: 1x Size 11, 2x Class 6, 2x Class 5s, 2x Class 4s, 3x Class 3s, 1x Class 2, 2x Size 1s.

[Additional info] This vessel was once used as the Star Ship One, meant to carry the president of the Federation. Commissioned with Saud Kruger, it is the only passenger vessel requiring a rank with the Federation. The excellence of federal opulence, meant to compete with Imperials, the Narwhal is the only ship that can accept Official Correspondence missions. Which are extremely high paying passenger missions chains, that go into dangerous systems (such as Thargoid systems) onto planetary surfaces. One per CMDR.

And thats it. What do you guys think? Think this is something worth showing (and pushing for) to Fdev?


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