The kill gold system is broken, change my mind

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For a couple weeks now I have the feeling that there is something wrong with the kill gold system. I first thought of it when I played Arc Warden: I was 2/6 with a couple assists. We were 20k behind in gold as the enemy midlaner, who had ~7 levels on me, killed me and got over 1000 gold. He killed me again a few minutes later and received yet another 1000 gold.

There were a couple more games like this, but yesterday I had a game that made it 100% clear that something is broken. See the following screenshots and their description. I am the Visage in this game:

Match ID is 5867688251.

tldr: We stomp a game and around min 30 we kill a 2/10/3 Tinker twice in 2 minutes and receive ~720 gold each time. My team has 22k gold advantage before his 11th death and 24k just after his 12th death. I (Visage) have 17k Networth and 6 lvl on him, Tinker has 11k. Maiden has around 6k when she solo kills him. How is this system not broken?


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