The meta right now: Control go brrr

Yennefer's Journey

A meta report based entirely on my experience in Pro Rank. Here are a few things i have concluded from my matches

MO and SY don't see much play, or at least i don't encounter many of them. NG has a mediocre use rate, the most popular ones being Tactical Advantage and Enslave. NR sees some play with mages, but it's not as popular as before. The most popular decks belong to SK and ST with Flurry, Nature's gift and Precision Strike.

Basically, this meta is all about control. SK uses Flurry and ST uses Precision Strike. Both of them are of course the ultimate leader for control go brr. ST Nature's gift might seem non-control, but actually it can play at least 3 Nature's Rebuke, the boosted Sorceress can spawn even more and Circle of life sometimes helps. Also Simlas Bountiful Harvest is strong af.

My guess of why this meta has became like this is likely due to the dominance of NR the last few weeks. Alumni and Meditating Mage generate too much value. As people get pissed about them, they turn to their counter: control decks. And as control + pointslam takes over the meta, it's wise to avoid any engine-reliant deck.


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