The presence of the Rosh creates an asymmetrical map. Here are some radical ideas on how to change that and how they might impact radiant/dire balance

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We are all aware of the imbalance of the radiant verse dire side. One of the suspected radiant advantages is the proximity of the Rosh out to the radiant triangle. Rosh used to live bottom and that was cool and all, but what if instead of moving him back, we moved Rosh somewhere that would allow the map to be truly symmetrical?

Possible options:

1) Put a pit in the center of the map, right in mid lane. This would require either some sort of staircase/platform set up (stairs from the river on left and right) or a split path where creeps walk around both sides of the pit. Both changes would really change midlane, and an elevated platform would probably mess with skills that use the Z-axis, but it isn't impossible.

2) Make two Rosh pits, one in the top and bottom portions of the river. Rosh can migrate between the two pits at random intervals (like every 8-11 minutes), creating a symetrical map and providing some randomness to each game. Imagine a really cool animation/noise when Rosh flies up and smashes into the other pit! This still might cause imbalance due to randomness, but Dota has a lot of that already. And at least the map could be symetrical.

3) Make two Rosh pits, and MAKE TWO ROSHES!!! Mr. and Mrs. Rosh, let's goooo!! How cool would that be? If you don't like the idea of there being two aegis's out (this could really propel a snowballing team), you could make it so that when one Rosh is dead, the other Rosh is enraged and either impossible to kill or just really difficult.

To summarize, Dota has seen a lot of huge changes since it's inception that would seem absurd 8 years ago (backpacks and TP slots??). I think a Roshan paradigm shift would be a nice way to change the game AND potentially address the radiant/dire imbalance. I am sure the ideas I put forth would change the meta in ways my sub-3k brain can't even comprehend, and I acknowledge that a symmetrical map might not be desired for reasons I don't understand. But I wanted to put these ideas out here for fun if nothing else. Plus Mrs. Roshan seems like a missed opportunity.

Hope you all are having a nice day!


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