The problem with MO and SY

gerald witcher3 gwent

I've made a list of all the faction tutors and deck thinning cards that are being played right now and it's obvious why these 2 factions are behind:

NR: AA (x2), John Natalie's, raffard vengeance, Hubert rejk, cintrian envoy

ST: simlas(x2), fauve, council, call of the forest

NG: dmt(x2), mage assassin (x2), fercart

SK: birna(x2), coral, haemaey skald, faction stratagem

MO: whisppes: tribute, archespore

SY: bank, boat, sewer raiders/ bouncers, ferko

SK, ST and NG can thin 5 cards in the decks played right now and all those cards are pretty great. NR can go even further, depending on raffard living to get winch and draw 1 more card. Meanwhile MO and SY have nowhere near that power to thin their deck, and no provision and power change can help them


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