The real among us are the friends we made along the way… But they took them from me

Hey guys,

I was playing among us (who'd have guessed) with some friends, and we opened it to public to fill some space while we waited for others.

In came QT PIE, a yellow (pink at first), flower hat wearing crewmate. We started talking, the usual casual conversation, "how's it going?" and all that, and then, as if it was fate, we were both imposter on the next game!

But then they took them from me… We were mid conversation… I was typing my response… and then, our of nowhere "QT PIE was kicked". Somewhere out there is my QT PIE, I know absolutely nothing about this person, apart from their name, and they also know absolutely nothing about me. It'd just be nice to get to finish that conversation.

If any of you do happen to know a certain QT PIE who rocks a yellow crew with the flower hat, let me know yeah? Cheers guys <3


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