the Red Rebel is not worth anywhere near 7 Million roubles and that price is essentially a scam

Stop buying it on the flea you idiots. just buy the stuff you need for the trade and get it from Jaeger. the price is so artificially inflated it makes 0 sense. i would see 3 mill as a good flea price for convenience. but 7? y'all are cappin.

if you can afford 7 mill on the flea, you can afford the trade 2-3 times.

also, inb4: "i dont have Jaeger leveled enough", then shit fam you dont need an RR. do your damn quests. Its really easy to get him to LL 3

And now that theres no RR extract on woods its worth even LESS

edit: just so y'all can see. i dont need an RR, i have one and could afford more if needed.

edit 2: if you really WANT to spend 7 mill, thats cool But i already spoke to one person today who wasnt aware this trade was so much cheaper. If you don thave Jaeger LL3 and dont want to get it, then youre stuck paying that much. But maybe if more people knew about this, that price could be closer to 3-4 mill and be easier for everyone to get.


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