The WePlay AniMajor has been just amazing so far

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It's been two days.

The major so far has been exhilarating, with every single series being unique and interesting. The last tiebreaker for the Wildcard stage was so damn perfect, down to each teamfight, each prediction of smoke ganks and each ward placed down. It really feels like an intense anime arc so far, with protagonists (like Nigma) being rejected their rights and getting redemption, with huge all-powerful characters being taken down by underdogs (Gambit). It's like Kyle said, this entire story could be its own book or movie.

The WePlay production is phenomenal and only adds to the flair. The casters were friendly and hilarious at times. We got to be there, even through the pause due to the server crash, and got in on the banter and discussion between the casters. It felt like queuing for pubs late at night with my friends, high on sleep deprivation, and just chatting and enjoying. It rarely even feels this way with other events.

Even though the server crash was disastrous, it set new standards and opened vital discussion with Valve about future events, and I'm sure a rollback system will be initiated (for TI/majors/minors atleast) soon. It's actually paving the way for future events.

The math for the Group Stage qualification, repeated over and over again throughout the cast by BSJ and Kyle just increased the suspense and excitement around it. The last few series were direct tickets in and out of the major, and it played out in a way that every match in the series counted ("IG had to win against Secret for a spot").

Honestly, this could be its own mini True Sight. And it's just been two days.

I'm loving this major, man.


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