There are scammers lurking on the reddit just waiting for the opportunity to scam newcomers who ask questions about Dota cosmetics (proof in the post)

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A while ago, I was quite new to Dota cosmetics. I made a thread asking if it was possible to get the Ember Spirit and Void Spirit taunts. I knew they weren't tradeable, but I also had the impression that some items were giftable although they weren't tradeable.

So this user replied in my thread offering his help. He said the items were giftable and he could sell them to me. He told me to add him on steam for 30 days first.

I agreed. However, after 30 days, he took my payment and disappeared without transferring the items. He also unfriended and then blocked me on steam.

I should have been more careful about trusting people, and the amount of money I got scammed of wasn't that big.

However, I think it is disgusting that there are people lurking this subreddit just to scam others who ask for help or ask genuine questions. I did a search on his profile name, and two years ago there were already people accusing him of being a scammer. So he's most likely been scamming people for a long time.


I reported him to the reddit mods already, but he's still happily posting away on the dota subreddit (his last post was about 2 days ago). There will probably be no action taken against him, and no consequences from his actions.

He'll just wait for the next prey to come by, someone who seems new to Dota items and who seems like an easy target, and then he'll do it again because he knows he'll get away with it.


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