There is an issue in Among Us aside from Eris Loris thats been bothering me

I know its not Saturday but this be a serious topic that i feel needs addressing.

Has anyone else noticed creeps preying on kids and teens?

Ive joined a few lobbies now and im not okay with it granted i know a lot of people fake age to troll but kids kinda naive and fall for traps like this

I recently joined a few lobbies by someone saying "Looking for GF" or "LFBF" "AmSingle"

I joined cause most people have it for lols and just start game but this person didnt start they started asking people for ASL some people left others stayed mostly kids saying they were 7-15years old and actually starting to give out their personal info, numbers/ adresses etc (Im 26 and i wasn't okay with that at all so i chimed in with)

>>Don't give out your ASL, this person is most likely trying to harm you/ put you into human trafficking<< and got instantly banned the second i posted it before i could cap a screenie not that that would do much anyway since names are random and not account bound.

The chat systems are un-monitored, there isnt a recent players list and there isnt any way to report certain player accounts so i feel like this will keep popping up, like im genuinely concerned about the kids who play this game getting manipulated by adults into giving out their info thinking theyre talking to another kid/teen.

like its so frustrating how do you even combat this sort of thing without a system in place to combat it, so here i am venting my frustrations in hopes this prompts a discussion that maybe gets enough attention leads the devs to implement a better system or at least lead other players to call out creeps like that in game since there isnt a flagging system.

Also sorry if this goes against thine rules in any way.


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