These Pre-Wipe Events feel… Different to Previous Ones

I just want to say, that this pre-wipe event has been the most fun I've had in Tarkov in quite a while… (Bought it back in mid 2017) and have lurked on this sub for ages.

I've been playing almost exclusively Factory, and most rounds there are pockets of geared players fighting with Raiders; Instead of the normal "Hey, I hear someone over on the other side, let's sprint across the map and rush them" the squad has to take it slow. Firefights finally feel like… firefights. Movements need to be deliberate or you'll get caught between raiders and pinched.

I've also had the most loot/cash since the start of the wipe; Since there's so much loot to go around, you don't see an entire map stripped of anything worth taking. You'll walk through areas where some big firefights went down and be able to pick up at least a few pieces of gear if you play cautious enough and stay in for a while.

The focus is now on the fight instead of the loot rush and it's glorious. Sure, Raider's AI still could use some improvements, but the gameplay their presence is promoting feels great IMO.

I'd been reading a lot of complaints about the pre-wipe event, mostly before it started; Now that it's underway, has the sentiment changed?

May the breek smash your cheek.


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