This game has dragged my wife out of a 25 year gaming absence.

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

My daughter and I played through the game a few months ago, and I've since done it solo and with a group of friends. I'm up over 600hrs now and my wife has seen how much I've enjoyed it, but I was still really shocked a few days ago when she said wouldn't mind giving it a go too. She's never played a WASD/mouse game before so she's still getting used to the controls, but the important thing is she's now asking if we can play it at night. At first she was randomly sitting down a lot by accidentally hitting X and running in the wrong direction because she didn't understand that you go in the direction you point your mouse. Her lack of gaming experience has been really amusing but she's taking her awkwardness like a champ. We're still just exploring the Meadows where seems to like picking raspberries and gathering rocks, but killing boars is becoming her new passion. She'll apologize in advance before she brutally clubs them to death and has now learnt to face the right way when hitting them instead of swinging at the air and trying to figure out where it went.
Last night we took on Eikthyr and I got her to fire arrows at him from a distance while my daughter and I beat him to death. Straight afterwards she said 'oh Higgins is back to tell me something'. I'm sure she'll get the names right eventually. She was having a lot of trouble putting honey in a chest, and was somehow throwing it on the top of it. It took a few goes to figure out that instead of dragging it to an open slot in the chest she was dragging it onto the actual chest she could see in front of her. But so far no deaths and her first shot of an arrow killed a bird, so I have hope for her when we enter the Black Forest. But there's still a little bit of training left like learning to parry before we wander off there.
I know there's a lot of people patiently waiting for Hearth and Home, but the original game is still going along nicely hooking new players into discovering a whole new world. It's even crept into her dreams.


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