To all the “remove/nerf containers” people …

I get it that some of you are apparently superduper hardcore would-like-to-be-soldiers and you wish to enforce your vision on everyone but guess what? Its a game, not real life. Games are supposed to be fun, if you want to loose absolutely everything when you die, go to Afghanistan or Syria and get yourself killed or something. There is no secure container or respawn there afaik, but hey i might be wrong right? I am just container-user and thus noob lmao.

Now seriously. Apart from all the "omg i looted thermal i gotta stash it" stuff, have you ever thought about stuff like quest items (tushonkas etc., not the uniques) or keys? Both of these item types usually have absolutely terrible drop rate AND the game doesnt work without them. Basically every map, apart from Labs and Interchange (where its not even "good" loot, there is just alot of relatively valuable+- items) are fucking EMPTY loot wise. There is literally nothing IF you dont have keys on most of the maps, and some maps are empty even with them (Custom, Woods for example)

The only loot that is actually valuable enough to justify even bringing an stupid AK is loot gained from other players. Why should i risk bringing gear for a chance to search few useless boxes that even while graded as "top tier military loot" actually have complete dogshit in them most of them times. And that "omg i foung XYZ end game gun" doesnt count when its one out of hundred with rest having crappy, worthless mods for guns and maybe baby AK. Without the keys, there is simply nothing to loot. Take Shoreline for example. IF you have good set of keys, chances are that you can get out of the map pretty stocked even in group and without killing and looting juicy terminator. But if you dont? Bunch of crap that wont even pay for quarter of your gear value. Not worth it all, especially if you get gunned down every now and then.

Keys, atleast the goods ones often take ages to "farm" with their abysmall spawnrate. Now imagine that after 40 runs you finally find the key you desire (it doesnt even have to be "godtier" like Kiba, it might aswell just be something midtier like 220) only to loose it after getting shot from a bush or just fair and square in a firefight. I get it that some people like this sort of game-BDSM, but most of us here arent neckbeards that sit in their basement and play games 24/7, people have lives too you know? And spending 8 hours a day infront of an computer, playing Tarkov and trying to get one key is not something everyone can do. And without having access to proper loot, chances are that paying for massively price-inflated key (its much harder to get without container thus the price increase) isnt an option either. So you are stuck in eternal loop. Way to go …

Same goes with quest items, without those items you cant progress, without progress you dont have traders/gear, without this you cant get loot/keys/quest items out of the raid without dying and vice versa. Once again, eternal loop.

You cant simply ban/destroy/nerf (call it whatever you like) containers without ruining the game itself. Massive changes are needed along this change IF you want to push it. No containers/no stashing in them? Fine, but increase loot tables by like 300%, add actually costly and valuable items in them, make scavs have proper gear and not "your average gopnik from da farm" trash tier, make quest items either much more common or make quests that require you to haul crapton of even bigger amout of these go away and either increase key´s spawnrate by 200-300% or just outright let us kick down the doors and loot stuff inside. FFS they are WOODEN doors (most of the time, but even with those DIY reinforced doors, you can just shoot your way through with a shotgun) they shouldnt stop dedicated merc who wants shiny stuff from behind them.

Before you hit that downvote and start throwing tushonkas at me in the comments, think about it and try to think more than one step ahead. Nothing is simple.


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