Triss Journey – Week 2 – You’re on track if you are level 9

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Triss's Journey continue and a new week is starting.

If you are level 9 (+1/24), you're currently on track for level 100.

Your quests have contributed for 2.5 levels if you're on the standard path or 5 levels if you're on the extended path.

Objective for next week: Level 17 (+2/24 crown points)

Being on the track is just an "average" value for players starting the Journey on the first day of the Journey and playing regularly. You can be ahead or late compared to the value, this is just to give you an estimation on where you should be to finish the Journey on time without any rush.

You can use this calculator if you need more precise and personalized information about your current progress.

A new batch of quests is now available as well as a new part of Triss's story.

No reward above level 100?

After level 100, you get 2 reward points per level, but you can get a lot of extra reward points by completing some contracts tied to Triss's Cosmetics. Most of those contracts can be completed after the end of the Journey.

Some contracts you can do right now:

[Standard] Play 10 games with Teenage Triss Avatar, Complete 5 Triss' Journey Quests

[Extended] Complete 5 and 10 Triss' Journey Quests


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