Twine Endurance Disconnect Issue Happened Again Last Night! Epic You Need To Fix This!

Not even a full week after my friend and I got kicked from running his Twine Endurance, we got kicked again last night. He was AFK for the rest of the endurance after wave 15 so he could get some sleep and he kept the game running so I could do his endurance and try to get some better rewards for the both of us. Just like last time I was on wave 24 and not even 30 seconds into the wave both of us got disconnected from his endurance lobby and no matter how many times I did the automatic rejoin function, I couldn't get back in. u/Magyst we need Epic to come up with some kind of compensation for when this happens. There's nothing more frustrating and aggravating than spending 2+ hours of your time not counting all the ammo, mats, and traps you use in the process of running and defending your Twine Endurance only to get disconnected from the lobby out of nowhere and there being a 100% chance of you not being able to rejoin and continue. It's even more aggravating when you consider that Twine Endurance is the most consistent way we have to farm legendary perk up right now in the game. Hopefully we get some kind of good news eventually, sooner rather than later that Epic is working on a compensation system to partially reward players that are kicked out of their lobbies and unable to rejoin!


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