Unpopular opinion, ship interiors are unneeded

Name one reason why you would have to walk around your ship? (Bonus, if you can do it in the chair it doesn't count) IMO it would offer absolutely nothing to the game.

Some arguments:
There's no survival element where you would be like "oh gotta go to the galley to eat/sleep".

"Crafting?"…see the chair.

"Replace/repair modules by hand!" (How often you crashing in the bubble??? Also see the chair)

"Meet with friends in a mess haul on a cutter?"
Why? There's literally nothing to do!! Talk on VoIp in the cockpit!

"But i just wanna look and see the inside of my ship even if there's nothing to do"….

Walking around planets, ok. Walking around my ship with zero reason other that "emersion"? Waste of resources.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qyk02k/unpopular_opinion_ship_interiors_are_unneeded/

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