Hi all, i have been playing this game over the weekends with my sibling and it is something we look forward to every week. Thank you Iron Gate for putting together such a wonderful game. I understand the game is early access but it is more accomplished than most without saying.

One thing that crossed my mind that would be cool to explore in game are Volcanoes (active, dormant or extinct).

Maybe this is under consideration but i couldnt help but bash out a few thoughts the other day as i couldnt sleep.

Hope im not going off on one and maybe this has been covered. But what do we think?

– Whether it be a feature zone in a biome or a biome itself, it would provide a Natural Landmark and place of interest.

– Provides additional & different minerals, ores, dungeons and monsters e.g. fire drakes, surtlings?
Tones of obsidan (volcanic glass) there too.

Perks vary on type:
The active, dormant and extinct share similar resources but each have their own unique resource or feature to be used.

Some examples:
– Formation of hot springs nearby. Hot springs can give extended health bonuses (duration and health)
Springs could be diverted to homes for bath houses etc.

  • Dormant volcanos within the crater has another mini biome. Maybe black forest, ocean or meadow, boss location plaque or boss summoning platform thing.

  • Active volcanos are castles or dungeons to a surtling lord maybe.

  • Can feature geysers as a feature or part of the arduous labyrinthine path to its zenith. Careful they will scold if you get too close.

  • Land is generally more fertile over these zones and so food production and yield is improved.

  • Risk vs Reward in these zones. You never know when one of them are going to erupt and destroy your base and your farmlamd. Sucks to be you! But the zone regenerates resouces faster.

Love to hear some ideas and comments. Just makes me more excited for this project of such vast potential.

Thanks for reading.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n3bqpg/volcanos/

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