We need better feedback of plays in the game

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Currently only having the game show us what card has been played each turn is very little and if you don't know how every card and leader works for sure, it can get confusing sometimes what happened.

For example, I had Arngard and my opponent used their leader to give it 9 bleeding, then played Protofleder giving it 3 more, so 12 bleeding all together. But since I did not know what Protofleder does (because it has been so long since the last time I have played) and the animations are very fast, it just seemed to me that the game bugged and only Arngard took the damage. I baffled and had to look for half of my turn to realise what went down. There has also been times when I haven't figured out what happened, like a card spawning a token that then gets boosted even though those two cards are the only ones in play but neither of them says that the token gets boosted and the leader doesn't boostit either. At times like these the feedback should show what happened and help players understand what is going on.

Like so often it done, I am going to make a comparison to Hearthstone on this: there is very detailed feedback in the game that not only shows what cards have been played but what abilities has triggered, what those abilities did and what was the outcome of those things. Granted, since it shows only the last few actions it's not perfect either but a lot better than wahat we have. In Gwent it doesn't even show what the cards abilitty has targeted. Additionally, if a card has been modified by something, in Hearthstone, hovering the card shows what cards have given it what modifications, unlike in Gwent, it just has the buffs but you can't know where they came for. Usually not that hard to determine but if you have looked away etc it might not be that obvious either.

While I know that people who have played the game for the entire time it has been out probably don't have any issues knowing what cards did what, someone like me who plays actively only now and then can have issues when we don't know the changes to the cards or the knew cards at all. And this would tremendously helpful especially for the new players who have very little notion of how the cards work. Especially the cards that their opponents play.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/pokn7l/we_need_better_feedback_of_plays_in_the_game/

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