We need to have a discussion about unslot costs and the overall distribution of account resources

So in case you missed it, epic changed the collection book to cost flux if you unslotted something. This doesn’t sound to bad, but in actuality, it’s terrible.

Before the update I had a good stash of about 1.5k flux. Didn’t use it much because I wanted to conserve it. Now I naturally recycle things I’m not using at the time. To clear space, get some extra resources, or even just to keep it in the collection book.

Now, I only have 100 flux (I had 50 but I bought the flux in the store.) your probably thinking: “In a whole month and a half you only used 1.5k flux? That’s not that bad!” But it is. The only reason it took me that long is because I’ve been on an extended break from FN in general (on and off)

This needs to change. It shouldn’t cost 50 flux, let alone legendary flux to unslot a common weapon or a green hero💀

It’s the same price for grey-mythic! That’s the dumbest thing ever.

But the root of this problem is resources and their drop rate.

There’s a drought of evo materials in this game (and crafting materials somewhat) and we wouldn’t have this problem is resources were more common for end-game players. (Notice I said end-game. 5 year old little Timmy in stonewood who trades all game shouldn’t be stacked on rain, shards, and perk-up because he paid to get carried to a 160)

The solution is simple:

Make unslots cost either gold, v-bucks, x-ray tickets, research points, or do the smart thing and let us choose per unslot!

Increase drop rates of materials ONLY in twine.

Put a cap on the amount of resources you can get depending on your power level (this makes getting carried way less lucrative, and encourages players to actually progress)

Increase the amount of stuff available in the weekly shop


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/xlf4dz/we_need_to_have_a_discussion_about_unslot_costs/

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