What are your best ships loadout for Odyssey ?

Should I care about using more of a small, large or medium ship ?

Is having an SRV bay really useful, and if so,should I have one or two bay ?

Is cargo beneficial ?

Should I use a fighter, a hauler or an explorer ?

About that so far are, i think that :

I don't care wich size, i can land wherver i want to

SRV may be good for fight, so i would use 2 bay, which means if one of them's down, i can use the second while the first getting repaired

i haven't seen any mission which needs cargo so far

And, since i don't plan to haul or fight, i would use a ship with high jump range.

What's your opinion ? What are you using ? I'm curious about that. Let's start a thread. Could be useful for everyone.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nhe5kl/what_are_your_best_ships_loadout_for_odyssey/

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