What is with the weird honor code that players seem to have?

I got imposter and happened to be seen killing by a crewmate. So when the meeting got called, I blamed them and the lobby sided with me and got the crewmate voted out. But now they knew it was me so they called an emergency meeting to get me voted off. Seeing as I was gonna get voted out no matter what, I acted salty and said "Fuck this, I'm leaving. My partner is Red btw. Have fun lol". My partner was actually someone else but I had to make it easy for him somehow. So an emergency gets called and Red gets wrongfully voted out. Game continues and Imposters win eventually. Then as soon as we're in the waiting lobby again, the host calls me a pussy and bans me. I was slightly bemused and tried this again with other players. I tried the same tactic again 5 times in other lobbies and got kicked out or banned every single time.

As an imposter, my job is to lie, trick and backstab, is it not? Is it not their fault for believing an imposter? So why are my tactics unacceptable all of a sudden? This isn't even any type of cheating. So why do players get triggered when I do this?

Played on NA servers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jlnxud/what_is_with_the_weird_honor_code_that_players/

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