What to do, what to do…? And a little bit of reminiscing about Frontier and FFE…

Greetings Commanders!

I'm about a month into the game (PS4 Horizons) having been a veteran of many years of First Encounters in the 90s and I'm loving ED. Ever so slightly disappointed not to be able to visit Earth etc… but otherwise… Great!

However, I've traded and mined my way to an Anaconda. Started engineering it and I've only just got G5 FSD Enhanced Range with Mass Manager.

I have a few questions though…

I need combat rank and would like to do some missions BUT… The Anaconda doesn't seem to cut it for me… Any suggestions for ships? Krait MK2, FDL? Gone are the days of sitting outside a station and vapourising the Feds as they come out instantly with a Large Plasma Accelerator on my Panther Clipper…

I can make 100mil+ in a couple of hours mining Platinum in the Anaconda or I could go back to a Type 9 and hit the trade routes but is there a more interesting way to build cash… I always hated the trade grind back in the day (Luxury Goods all the way!)

What about Passenger Flying…?

What did you guys all do and whats your favourite thing to do in the game?

Here's my Anaconda… Recently fitted for Mining


Stay safe! o7

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