What worries me about the KORD. Casuals will try to invent debuffs for it. And I hope BSG won’t falter to their wishes.

What worries me about static gun emplacements, like the KORD.

First a few forecasts on what will happen.

  • Most players will end up on the wrong end of these guns a few times.

  • The smart players will learn their positions and be very careful around areas that these guns cover.

  • The stupid players will instead go on a reddit crusade to „nerf“ the guns to get revenge for the kits they lost.

The KORD is a machine gun that fires a 12.7x108mm round, which has four to five times the power of a mosin round. No human survives a hit from that (or would lose an extremity when it is hit, which in Tarkov terms would mean dead). This means the KORD is a fully automatic, LASER ACCURATE gun that could kill a player on any range because some of them come with a scope.

Some players will specialize in bringing extra ammo for it, rush to it at round start and fish for players with it. There is nothing wrong about that. What worries me is then casuals will try to invent stuff for the gun that makes it not as powerful. Like lower accuracy, or excessive recoil, or worst of it all, weaker ammo. They will suggest a „cheap“ ammo type to nerf players who buy and collect this ammo for ambushes by inventing an ammo type „that does not one shot“. But that must not ever happen in EFT. This round should take any player out of battle even if it comes through a brick wall before hitting him.

This happened to the mosin. The gun was too powerful for its price. But instead of a higher price, LPS ammo was nerfed to airsoft ammo that only causes slight inconvience to player with class 4 armor. And then the mosin got super noisy when ADSing in a desperate attempt to extinguish reddit complaints.

So these are my worries. Players who worry too much about OP guns.

But here is my take on OP: Anything should be OP if EFT is supposed to be worthy of the most realistic shooter tag.

If something is OP, then make sure you are not there when it is pointed at you.

That is the only balance OP things should get.

And this connects to the pouch nerf (because everything does):

With a pouch nerf (which limits carrying ammo in it), KORD hatchet runners can still bring extra ammo to it at raid start, but they will risk t lose it.

Without the pouch nerf, well guess what happens. Players will keep magic KORD ammo in their magic pouch and use it to load the KORD.

This is why the pouch nerf needs to block ammo being put into the pouch too. All ammo. Not just KORD.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dlj7yw/what_worries_me_about_the_kord_casuals_will_try/

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