while we wait for the future..

has anyone noticed what happens with a “reall broken” economy? we return to a barter system. mostly for certain valuables and some essential items which fluctuate with whatever the current stage of development and engagement is—everything else we all have easy access to. it’s kind of amazing.

like the fact that we have a game with a player economy in the first place we kind of take for granted and sure it does make for a widening middle class and the complete lack of access for certain minorities—but the only thing that ever fixes that is an amazing and supportive community and we’ve all seen it happen time and time again even when there will always be cheaters and thieves.

i think fixing the economy takes a lot of work and that’s a separate discussion, (though it seems like “barters” is the simple answer) i just thought it would be nice to focus on the positive details and look ahead to the possibilities that make this kind of project, it’s community and it’s development a great thing to say the least.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dn75qv/while_we_wait_for_the_future/

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