Why don’t we just increase the punishment for griefers? (Suggestions inside)

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I know there are hundreds of topics about this, but don't you think we should just punish them harder?

Let's say if you're doing murder , you get a life sentence . Griefing in this way, is somewhat closer to murder (if you're talking about game ethics) . Imagine having 4 other players trying hard to win and one person decided to like , "alright, fuck it. i'm gonna break my items and let them suffer".

These griefers get a lesser punishment and in a few days or maybe hours, they'd be back in the pool and started ruining people's lives.

Not all of us are mature , not all of us are determined to win , not all of us are ambitious , not all of us are good. But if you are playing a ranked competitive game, you should be thinking about the 5 man reward.

Ways to take care of this :

  1. Make the non griefing players (on the griefing team) lose less rank. If any griefing is present.

(walking down mid / breaking items / dropping items / keeping all neutral items in one backpack/ revealing positions with chat )

If he is guilty, then you may lose half or lesser rank because you didn't have a fair game. Although the process wouldn't be instant because someone needs to overwatch this past replay and it requires a guilty verdict.

  1. Punish the griefer harder than before.

The lesser the punishment, the prouder they'll be. If they think anything they did was right ( to make people feel his unpleasantness) , they needed something to make them understand that it was never a win-win situation if you're willing to make people suffer . You wanted to make people suffer, you'll pay a price.

Examples :

A. players who grief gets a one month ranked competitive ban , if this continues they'll get more serving time.

B. griefing players who's banned for a month still get to play in a 'griefing pool' where they get to meet each other and see if they get a taste of their medicine.

C. griefing players get 4 times chance to do this or their account is banned permanently from competitive.

D. griefing players loses the ability to queue competitive completely and they will have to play another 100 hours of casual dota (non toxic ) to return to competitive.

E. griefing players have a public database where people are there to check their reports, and if they requested an unban, it will requires moderators vote . they will also have to defend themself with their actions.

I know there's a lot of work for this, but please let's fix this community. All in all, this is just some of my ideas to make the community slightly better. Please think of this or if you come up with new ideas, let's think together.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/p8xvm5/why_dont_we_just_increase_the_punishment_for/

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