You are being hunted

Walheim - five bosses

Yesterday I was on the server alone (kids were off doing their thing), doing my usual Dad stuff, which usually equates to gathering resources, checking crops and animals, finishing off small projects and you know…stuff. This time it was grabbing silver ore from some recent mining in the mountain behind one of our bases. It was in an odd spot, but not too far from the base, so I just opted to make a few trips to get all of the silver out (I don't like the cart).

This was my first mistake as I could've hauled all of it in one trip for the last half of the journey. The first half of the trip to the spot is up a medium grade slope that is barren. Then it goes into ledge jumping for the second half.

So I'm heading out on my last trip. Silver cuirass, iron legs and helm, silver shield, and frostner. Medium healing and stamina potions slotted and running medium grade food (health about 90, stamina about 80) – the food was my second mistake.

Halfway up the slope "you are being hunted" appears. As I mentioned, this is a barren slope. No rocks to hop on, no trees to put your back against…nothing. I can go up and hope to make it to the rocks, but I'm headed right at the wolves, or I can turn and run for the safety of home. I chose the latter. -final mistake.

I'm running my viking beard off when I realize I have zero chance to make it. A quick peek shows they are going to catch me in a moment. I hit Bonemass, pull out the shield and hammer, and turn to face what I hope won't be too many wolves. I've done this a few times prior to H&H update, so I'm semi-confident I can get through this. The first wolves slam into me and they are getting the worst of it. Wolf after wolf goes down under my swings, but they are getting in shots. Health potion down. More wolves. Their bodies are exploding all around me as I beat them back. Stamina potion down. More wolves. I'm now losing ground as wave after wave of teeth move off the slope coming at me from all sides. Stamina is gone. Can't swing the hammer or block a blow. It's over. I finally go down with 5 wolves on top of me.

I spawn at the nearby base and wait a few minutes before heading back to get my corpse. I head out and cross the tree line onto the base of the slope looking for any movement. Nothing. There's my grave marker surrounded by a lake of fireflies. I gather my gear and start cleaning up. Pelts, trophies, teeth and 28 wolf meat. 28? Huh. That's a few more than the dozen I was expecting, not even including the ones that finished me off.

I head back to base to drop all of this off, and I'm feeling pretty good.

Has anyone else had the hunted event pop with so many wolves?


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